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We employ a project manager who will manage the process on your behalf. This is funded out of the DfE conversion grant that you receive. We suggest that the grant comes to us and we then will arrange all the licences (payroll etc.) that you need.

how long does conversion take?

Typically between 6 and 9 months, depending upon the rate at which your LA can manage the process.

do we retain any trust funds that we have had historically?

You retain all trust funds as well as any funds raised for your school by your PTA.

what due diligence takes place?

This is a two way process that involves the following but the most important is the ethos match between your school and our Academy:

  • Pupil progress data
  • Staffing
  • Pupil numbers
  • Budget
  • Condition of buildings

which services are provided centrally?

  • Financial management
  • Centralised purchasing
  • Payroll
  • HR and legal services
  • Facilities management including H&S
  • Clerking
  • Policies and protocols
  • ICT support

how much do we have to pay to access the central services offer?

The general rule is that we retain % of your budget but this varies depending on the school size and the services that you require.

do you impose any changes on our school if we join?

We work together to collaborate on key areas of school improvement but do not impose any changes such as uniform and logos. We have agreed to a common data system so that we can review our data together across our schools. We also follow the MAT curriculum in all of our primary schools. This continues to be developed by all of our staff and has been deemed to be "exceptional" by Ofsted.

what happens to our staff?

All staff are subject to TUPE in line with statutory legislation

do your academies school still have local governing bodies?

Academies do not need to retain LGBs but we feel very strongly that LGBs are vital to our schools. We have developed an annual training programme to support our LGBs. We also have a number of common reports to support LGB members in their due diligence.

who appoints staff in our schools?

The arrangements for appointing staff do not change with the exception of the headteacher who is appointed by members of the LGB, a representative of the Diocese (if appropriate) and the CEO of the MAT.